Moving to and Living in Norway from the UK in the Aftermath of Brexit: Total Moving Solutions

UK Citizens, as well as other people living and working in the UK intending to move to Norway to live and work, will encounter new rules and regulations applicable to citizens of countries outside the EU implying that moving to Norway will require one to do a checklist to make sure they do not experience setbacks attributed to the Brexit phenomenon.

Despite Norway not being an EU member, it adheres to the EU rules regarding freedom of movement through its membership in the EEA. The freedom of movement between Norway and the UK was halted as a result of Brexit which resulted in the UK’s departure for EEA and thereby making it difficult to move house from the UK to Norway. The only unaffected UK citizens were those who had already moved to Norway before the transition agreement took effect.

With a specialty in providing comprehensive relocation management service to clientele in the UK, Europe, and across the world, Total Moving Solutions has total team expertise of over 20 years in the business guaranteeing that clientele’s moving needs will adequately be catered to.

Regardless of whether you are sending simple or complex items within Europe or internationally. Total Moving Solutions will deal with the paperwork which can be complicated and time-intensive thus relieving you of stress and handing removals to Norway promptly.
Total Moving Solutions tailors moving house to Norway needs according to the requirements, needs, and budget of each client. Total Moving Solutions has partnerships with recognized reliable moving companies accredited by the British Association of Removers (BAR) and the International Federation of Movers (FIDI) providing an extra layer of reassurance, peace of mind, and flexibility that the clients will have their items moved safely as per schedule.
If you are relocating from the UK to Norway then you’ve found the right team to handle things. Total Moving Solutions’ managed moving services are comprehensive and bespoke to each customer’s needs and their services are available across Europe with the capacity to conclude your move from or to any European nation with flexibility in pricing and specific requirements.

Prominent for removals, Total Moving Solutions has relocated numerous people and businesses to and from the UK and many other worldwide locations. Having assisted hundreds of families and companies with their relocation to Norway and or even back to the UK, they have demonstrated their intense commitment and dedication to the removals sector.
Services to Aid moving from the UK to Norway

  • Packaging items intended to be moved from Norway to the UK as well as double-checking that the items to be moved will not create customs-related problems as there are often conflicts that may arise based on specific items that may be prohibited or require special packaging.
  • Partial load relocation from Norway to the UK intended for single items or minor removals for smaller items that are bundled with other clients’ items to manage costs.
  • Complete house relocation from the UK to Norway thereby providing a service that entails putting only your goods into the truck and transporting your effects from your current address to the new location in Norway.
  • Relocations from Norway, collecting your belongings for you if you are returning after a trip abroad. Total Moving Solutions can handle it all for you and you will simply report to your new address in Norway.
  • Where necessary, Total Moving Solutions can provide clients with storage in Norway such as if they are still looking for a new house or location to settle.
  • Total Moving Services will ensure all items you intend to move.
  • Regardless of whether you seek to move antiques, pianos, and other delicate items which may be difficult to move, Total Moving Services will provide specialists with demonstrated experience to cater to that.

In conclusion, EU/EEA and Norwegian citizens do not require work permits to move to Norway and employers are reluctant to employ staff requiring work permits because of cumbersome procedures. Depending on the category, skills, or professions, requirements for work permits will vary nevertheless from the onset of Brexit, limitations have been put in place so not only has it gotten more complex to get a work permit for UK citizens but the process of moving house to Norway from the UK has gotten complex as well.
Offering managed moving services void of stress, Total Moving Solutions is bent on the provision of customer satisfaction through quality services with the Midas touch of professionalism leveraging the up to 30 years of experience held by its highly skilled staff.

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