When you’re planning on moving, booking a professional removals firm has plenty of advantages. If something goes wrong you can rest assured that the cost of replacing anything that is broken will be covered. Read on to discover what removals insurance is, what it covers and why you shouldn’t be without it at one of the most hectic times of your life – moving day!

What is Removals Insurance?
Removals insurance is designed specifically to cover belongings that are being shifted from one home to another as part of a house, flat or office move. You might think that your normal household insurance covers your personal belongings against theft or accidental damage but few of them will do so when moving. This is because conventional insurance policies won’t cover items that are in transit or even being handled by removals operatives.

Stress-Free Moving
You might only notice a loss of an item or damage that has been caused long after you have moved into your new home and this means that the old policy at your previous address would no longer be valid, anyway. The fact is that you don’t necessarily need to hunt around for your own moving insurance because any reputable removals firm will provide adequate cover for you.

We offer our removal insurance via Lonham Group Ltd.

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