Fully Managed Removals To Australia From UK

Total Moving Solutions offer clients a fully managed relocation service to Australia. With a combined team experience spanning over 20 years in the industry, it is reassuring to know you are in safe hands.

Planning a move between Australia and the UK? Let Total Moving Solutions make it easy. Our experienced removals specialists have already helped thousands of families and businesses successfully relocate across countries with our comprehensive, managed international move services – so you can trust us to take care of your transition too. Get in touch today for a free quote or find out more about what we offer!

Total Moving Solutions is a leading removals specialist, for moving families and businesses all over the world and care passionately about the removals industry. If you are looking for a seamless fully managed move service between Australia and UK – we can help you, book a free quote today.

Our Removals to Australia provide an efficient, swift, and easy relocation service. We understand the stress that comes with relocating and our team is dedicated to making it hassle-free for you. With services such as storage solutions, container shipping, removals insurance, and great reviews we provide all the support you need in a move Down Under. For us removals go beyond just physically moving; we make sure to provide a removals solution tailored to your needs, so you can get back to life faster in Australia.


Our shipping services include:

  • Packing service for removals to and from Australia – we ensure that the goods are packed professionally & inventoried accurately. By packing ourselves we can also ensure that there aren’t any items going that may cause issues at customs.
  • Part load removals from Australia to UK and from UK to Australia – for single items or small moves we run a regular part Load removals service from Australia and to Australia, whereby your possessions will be moved with other people’s possessions, in order to keep the costs down.
  • House move to Australia – for entire properties we provide a “Dedicated Service” which involves us loading your possessions directly in to the truck and moving your effects from your property directly to the new address.
  • Removals from Australia if returning back from overseas we are able to collect your goods for you.
  • Storage in Australia – we can provide you with a storage solution in Australia if required.
  • Removals insurance – we provide insurance for your shipments – follow that link for more information.
  • Specialist services – we are more than happy to deal with antiques, pianos and awkward access, so long as have plenty of note beforehand.

FIDI Customs Guide – Australia
Find out more information about customs rules when moving to Australia

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Find out more about areas that are also within our relocation and removal service:

Country or town not on the list? Not a problem – contact us and tell us your requirements.

Total Moving Solutions company operate as part of a large international removals network.
Giving us access to the national and global resources to move you to any international country. We will provide professional shipping and storage services that are reliable, cost-effective and responsive to our customers demands.

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Why use us?

Our extensive partnerships within the Removals Industry provide us with the flexibility to overcome any issues which could arise, making us the obvious choice to entrust your UK, European or International removal with.

With the fantastic reviews we have received from other customers that have used our removals services, our customers can also be re-assured that they will have a stress-free relocation service with an outstanding customer service experience for their move to and from Australia.

Planning Your Relocation To Australia

Moving to or from Australia is both an exciting and challenging endeavor. The land down under offers fantastic opportunities for a new life, better job prospects, and breathtaking natural landscapes. Total Moving Solutions is here to ensure your transition is as smooth as possible, providing top-notch removal services for your peace of mind. Planning your move, no matter the distance or the size of your belongings is crucial to guarantee a seamless process from start to finish.

When relocating to Australia, it’s essential to know some crucial information about the country’s lifestyle and culture to ease your integration. As the world’s sixth-largest country by area, Australia is home to approximately 25 million people. Fortunately, Total Moving Solutions has extensive experience in moving clients to different destinations in Australia, which will benefit you immensely in terms of local knowledge and support.

Australia boasts dynamic cities, each with its charm and character. Some of the top destinations for expats include Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, and Canberra. Sydney, the largest and most populous city, offers a thriving job market, world-famous beaches, and a lively cultural scene. Melbourne, alternatively, is renowned for its art, coffee culture, and shopping, while the coastal city of Brisbane provides a subtropical climate and a laid-back atmosphere.

The cost of living in Australia varies based on your lifestyle and location, but overall, it offers a high standard of living. The Australian Government provides excellent healthcare and education facilities. Moreover, Australia ranks high in global indexes for safety and stability, making it an ideal place for families and individuals alike.

Before making the move, it’s vital to research and choose the right place to live, taking into account factors like climate, job opportunities, and proximity to schools or healthcare facilities. Being familiar with Australian customs and culture will also make your transition smoother.

Now that you’ve decided to move to Australia, it’s time to plan the logistics. Packing can be overwhelming, but Total Moving Solutions has got you covered. In addition to our removal services, we also offer professional packing services tailored to your needs. Our experienced team understands the importance of packing your belongings not only efficiently but also securely. We can advise you on the timeline for international shipping, quarantine rules, and customs regulations to prepare you for a stress-free move.

Finally, Total Moving Solutions offers insurance policies to cover your possessions during transit, further ensuring your peace of mind. Our comprehensive removal services, whether for domestic or international moves, will create an exceptional customer experience that exceeds your expectations.

In conclusion, choosing Total Moving Solutions as your partner for your move to or from Australia guarantees you receive expert support and reliable services. With extensive knowledge of the regional destinations, customs, and practicalities of life in Australia, our team will be right there with you every step of the way to provide a smooth moving experience. So pack your bags, and let us take care of the rest – your Australian adventure awaits!