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Total Moving Solutions offer clients a full move management service and with a combined team experience spanning over 20 years in the industry, it is reassuring to know you are in safe hands. We specialise in removals service to and from Marseille ranging from dedicated removals to shared-loads or even single items.

Moving house to Marseille? Then you are in the right place. Our managed move services are covering all of France, we can complete your move from and to any European country. Please call or click for a quick quote, or read through the many relocation services that we can offer.

Total Moving Solutions are a leading removals specialist, moving families and business to and from Europe, along with many international destinations. We have helped thousands of families and businesses with their removals to Marseille and from Marseille back to the UK and care passionately about the removals industry.


Our shipping services include:

  • Packing service for removals to and from Marseille – we ensure that the goods are packed professionally & inventoried accurately. By packing ourselves we can also ensure that there aren’t any items going that may cause issues at customs.
  • Part load removals from Marseille to UK and from UK to Marseille – for single items or small moves we run a regular part load removals service from France and to France, whereby your possessions will be moved with other people’s possessions, in order to keep the costs down.
  • House move to Marseille – for entire properties we provide a “Dedicated Service” which involves us loading your possessions directly into the truck and moving your effects from your property directly to the new address.
  • Removals from Marseille if returning back from overseas we are able to collect your goods for you.
  • Storage in Marseille – we can provide you with a storage solution in France if required.
  • Removals insurance – we provide insurance for your shipments – follow that link for more information.
  • Specialist services – we are more than happy to deal with antiques, pianos, and awkward access, so long as have plenty of notes beforehand.

FIDI Customs Guide – France
Find out more information about customs rules when moving to Marseille & France.

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Moving to Marseille

Moving to the beautiful city of Marseille is not just a matter for those with means. Whether you’re looking into relocating your family, settling down after years abroad, or want some new culture on offer- this article will tell all there know about moving here and living comfortably in one place!
In spite of what anyone might say: France isn’t always easy – but it is surely worth checking out Marseille studies suggest that most expats who’ve lived there describe their experience as positive (with plenty choosing to return). It may be hard to get used to watering outside oneself when adapting from.

If you’re a classy expat looking to move abroad, we have the perfect city for your tastes. Marseille is great because it’s easy enough that even those who don’t speak French can get by in local restaurants and shops! In this article, I’ll tell all about living life as an international citizen of la belle vie here on these sunny shores with my family close at hand when needed–from shipping costs (very cheap!) down to what type of property might work best if renting or buying!

The sun, sea, and sand are just around the corner in this Mediterranean city. Whether you’re looking for an intense workout at one of France’s most popular fitness clubs or want to sip on some wine while watching couples get married by their ports-city beachfront compound – Marseille can offer it all!
All aboard as we head into sunny territory with its bustling culture that Mixes influences from all over Europe: Africa Middle East Spanish Italy Portuguese etc….

Moving to the city of Marseille is like stepping into a world where cultures from all over Europe have merged with those found in Africa. The people are fiercely proud of their French roots, but they also embrace diversity and celebrate every difference at large gatherings such as fiestas or race-related events that take place annually throughout this melting pot famous for its political history since Franky Orleans became France’s capital back when Louis XIV reigned supreme!

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