Professional Relocation Services to Gold Coast

Gold Coast relocation services

At Total Moving Solutions, we offer a tailor-made service for relocating to the Gold Coast, executed to perfection from beginning to end. Our reliable and expert team provides first-class service, ensuring a smooth move, no matter the scope or your budget.

We get that moving internationally is no small feat, particularly when your destination is the Gold Coast, a city brimming with growth and opportunities. That’s why we focus on streamlining your move, making it as straightforward and relaxed as possible.

Our squad takes the reins on all facets of your move, freeing you to look forward to your new adventures in this bustling Australian hub. With a wealth of experience in global relocations, we’ve got the know-how to get your possessions to the Gold Coast securely.

We’re in it with you for the long haul, ready to meet every one of your moving needs. Learn more about our comprehensive Overseas Removal Service to Australia.

Planning a move to the Gold Coast? We’re your best choice!

Unlock the full potential of your move to the Gold Coast with our extensive range of moving services. From pinpointing ideal storage options to arranging container freight and mitigating risks with insurance, we’ve got all bases covered.

Handing over your household items and cherished possessions to someone else is a big step. Our dedication to stellar customer service is what sets us apart. We’ve won hearts with our genuine care, full transparency, and attention to detail at every stage.

Your peace of mind is our priority. We operate with a spirit of open dialogue, dependability, and mutual regard, aiming to make your international move better than you ever imagined.

Our happy customers are our best advocates. Kickstart your new chapter on the Gold Coast with confidence, knowing Total Moving Solutions is right there with you. But don’t just rely on our words; our customer feedback is a testament to our quality.

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Overseas removals to Gold Coast include:

We will help you relocate to the Sunshine Coast

  • Packing service for removals to and from Gold Coast – Within the packing service options available, you will be offered full export wrapping and professional crating, should this be required. All packing materials are used to ensure that the goods are packed professionally & inventoried accurately. By packing ourselves, we can also ensure that there aren’t any items going that may cause issues at customs.
  • Owner Packed Services for removals to and from Gold Coast– This level of service is also available, and your Move Manager would provide you with information regarding what requirements there are for International Shipping and advise on suitable Packing materials. This removal method is a great option for small consignments requiring shipping and can also be very cost-effective for those wishing to keep their costs to a minimum.
  • Full Container Load (FCL) Service – For customers relocating their homes to Gold Coast , a FCL service would be our recommendation. This provides our customers with a sole-use 20-foot or 40-foot container.
  • Shared Container/Groupage Service – For customers who are not looking to ship their entire house to Gold Coast or are just trying to minimise the costs of their relocation, a groupage service which provides you with shared space within a 20-foot container would be our recommendation. Utilising a service of this nature enables you to split the cost of shipping your goods, allowing a substantially cheaper relocation option.
  • Storage in Gold Coast – we can provide you with a storage solution in Gold Coast if required.
  • Removals insurance – we provide insurance for your shipments – follow that link for more information.
  • Money Exchange – Not only are we able to assist with your removal, but we also have a partnership with a leading currency exchange provider. Should you be looking to move your money to the Gold Coast, speak to your Move Manager, who will be able to provide you with further information on this service.
  • House move to Australia – for entire properties, we provide a “Dedicated Service”, which involves us loading your possessions directly into the truck and moving your effects from your property directly to the new address.
  • Specialist services – we are more than happy to deal with antiques, pianos and awkward access, so long as we have plenty of notes beforehand. We can even assist with your relocation of pets and vehicles. Please speak to your Move Manager for further details.

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Find out more about areas that are also within our relocation and removal service:

Country or town not on the list? Not a problem – contact us and tell us your requirements.

Total Moving Solutions company operate as part of a large international removals network.
Giving us access to the national and global resources to move you to any international country. We will provide professional shipping and storage services that are reliable, cost-effective and responsive to our customers demands.

Why use us?

Our extensive partnerships within the Removals Industry provide us with the flexibility to overcome any issues which could arise, making us the obvious choice to entrust your UK, European or International removal with.

With the fantastic reviews we have received from other customers that have used our removals services, our customers can also be re-assured that they will have a stress-free relocation service with an outstanding customer service experience for their move to and from Australia.

Living in Gold Coast (and a few tips about relocation to Gold Coast!)

Embrace a growing city full of promise

You’re certainly onto something if you’re eyeing a move from the UK to the Gold Coast. This Australian city is booming. With a population that already hit 630,000 in 2021, it’s set to near the million mark by 2050. This isn’t just a resort town; it’s a city with aspirations.

Cost of living: A balanced equation

Here’s some good news for anyone used to UK prices—your pound will stretch further in the Gold Coast. Living costs are generally more affordable than in London or Manchester, making it easier to enjoy life without sweating the small stuff. Whether it’s housing, healthcare, or a night out, you’ll find your money goes further.

Job scene: What’s in it for Brits?

The Gold Coast offers a variety of employment opportunities, especially in sectors like tourism, education, and healthcare. If you’re from the UK with experience in these fields, you will likely find a rewarding job. Plus, Queensland is a popular choice for people moving inter-state, so you’ll be part of a growing, dynamic community.

Community vibes: A home away from home

The Gold Coast is as diverse as it is sunny. You’ll find people from all walks of life, including a fair number of Brits. The warm climate, with an average summer temperature of 25°C and a cosy 20°C in winter, makes it easy to enjoy outdoor activities year-round.

Working in Gold Coast: The UK expat’s guide

If you’re a UK citizen, you’ll need a valid work visa to earn your keep in Australia. Some professions may require you to get your UK qualifications recognised. English is the business language, but a bit of local slang can go a long way in making connections. Networking is key, so consider joining expat groups or industry events.

Top 5 tips for UK expats moving to the Gold Coast

  1. Get your visa sorted: The Australian government offers various visa types. Pick one that aligns with your employment and residency plans.
  2. Financial planning: While the Gold Coast is more affordable than most UK cities, having a financial cushion is always good.
  3. Find your new home: Housing options are plenty, and you can find something that fits your lifestyle and budget.
  4. Climate-ready packing: The weather here is sunny and warm, so pack accordingly.
  5. Pick the right moving partner: That’s us! Total Moving Solutions is here to make your move to the Gold Coast as smooth as possible.

By choosing Total Moving Solutions for your relocation to the Gold Coast, you’re opting for a seamless, stress-free experience. We understand the unique needs of UK expats, making us your perfect moving partner.